Sunday, 19 November 2017

Eytor. The prologue

The planet Eytor is riddled with places like this. When Sunspoke Mining Corp attempted to plant an immediately self sustaining mining colony onto the planet they knew there would always be the risk that the resources might not be able to sustain a long term operation. Eytor is an example of the aftermath of when this happens. Sunspoke abandoned the planet a few years ago, but many people stayed regardless. 

This is a small hydroponics operation, growing a few exotic fruits to help improve the quality of living among the settlers. It is run by a couple of families a who trade their wares with a few nearby farming operations. Many of these people came to Eytor with Sunspoke and chose to stay when the mining operation left.

Two former Sunspoke Security officers doing the rounds. A few of these folks remained behind to form the local law enforcement agency. 

Two flatbeds pull up, armed civilians jump out and open fire indiscriminately.  Before they can even react the officers lie on the floor, along with the facility owner.

As the gunmen advance the hydroponics technicians flee for their lives.

Saturday, 4 November 2017

UCS and Collective infantry reinforcements.

Last night I sealed my new UCS and Collective infantry. This means I now actually have Collective infantry that fit the colour scheme of their mecha and other vehicles, as I had previously been using some generic grey infantry who I didn't exactly like.

I have 12 stands of Collective infantry which is more than enough for Horizon Wars and will be a good start for Laserstorm. Collective infantry are Grund Zero Games USNC marines? Something like that.

I also have 13 or 14 stands of UCS infantry. He's guys are Brigade Models PAC infantry.

You will see these have 4 figures per base while I had previously been using 3. I prefer 4 because they look more powerful, but obviously I will get fewer stands out of any pack of infantry now.

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Scum for the Starport part 2.

Here we have some more CinC civilians to populate my universe. These are such lovely figures, I need more of them.

Monday, 30 October 2017

Scum for the Starports.

Nez Zorento and Chester Avila.Just two guys who will probably bump into Flint Church on his travels. Or will he?

Friday, 27 October 2017

6mm Sci Fi Civilians for Starport Scum

My starports need more scum. As such, I have finally gotten around to finishing up a selection of CinC civilians.  

Above we can see a respectable businessman, two engineers/mechanics and someone who is supposed to be wearing some sort of high-visibility vest. All will be useful. 

Above are four lovely ladies, all wearing an assortment of clothes. Again, mainly just random people to get caught in the crossfire or to be protected.

Last but not least we have a few stands of Collective infantry. Not completely finished yet, but on the way. I have 8 stands, which equate to either 8 infantry elements for Horizon Wars, or two units or something like that for Laserstorm. I need to go out any buy some more boxes to store said miniatures though. I started painting them with a dark olive colour, but it was taking so long, I decided to water it down, which was amazing. I then applied a light green quite randomly, to imply some kind of personalized camouflage. Washed with Agragax Earthshade or whatever it is from Citadel (which I also managed to spill, so a trip will be needed to the shop). I am pleased to finally have some actual Collective infantry, considering how much I dislike the other few stands I thought might be used for them, then decided against that. 

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

UCS Infantry and Vehicles on the bench.

I have been world building a little and have come up with some more factions, corporations, star systems and such. I have new Starport Scum characters, some new Horizon Wars forces, but want more.

In my quest for an easy to use large-ish battle Sci Fi ruleset, I purchased Laserstorm from NWG. I haven't played it yet, and need to build an army, but I quickly realised upon reading the rules that I don't have enough miniatures painted up. I can make small-middle sized Horizon Wars forces because 1 stand = 1 element/unit. But in Laserstorm I am finding that one unit is more akin to 3/4 tanks or 4 infantry stands and 2 APC stands. As such I have been basing and painting. I now have 8 new stands of UCS infantry ready for their finishing touches, which will probably be like 2 -4 units of infantry. Scary stuff. I need more boxes.

I also need transportation for infantry. I have been umming and ahhing about which vehicles to buy: I am not a huge fan of grav vehicles, but do like some, I like tanks and wheels. I don't like super tanks. So I thought I would buy from Heroics and Ros some modern vehicles. They seem to be serving well, provided I just make up some colour schemes. Below are my Collective of Systems APCs, which are actually just BTR 80s I think.

Here are the other vehicles I bought. I have five each of the large ones and three of the small one. I simply wanted light vehicles that could serve as local militia/law enforcement/large government APCs. I also wanted some more tanks so got some Challenger IIs and Leopard IIs. 

Friday, 25 August 2017

Rocks and buildings.

I finished some more terrain today. Mainly I just tried to seal the flock with a matt spray, which seems to have only half worked.

These buildings are punted up Sky TV connectors or something. Looks like you plug a normal Ethernet cable into these then into the wall? Not sure, don't care. I stuck a door in and am proud of what they have become.